CedMod Changelogs

CedMod-CommunityManagementPanel 4.7.4

Reworked the panel config page.

The config page is now automatically generated for the most part.
Any of the save buttons will now save all config settings.
Due to the page being big there are multiple save buttons.

CedMod-CommunityManagementPanel 4.7.3

Added Two Factor Authentication support.
This feature is optional and can be enforced for staff members by server management
This is still experimental, if you encounter issues please head to our support channel in our discord https://discord.gg/p69SGfwxxm

Added a button to directly go to the Panel Configuration page to the navbar.

Changed up the working on certain configuration settings.

CedMod-CommunityManagementPanel 4.7.2

Reworked the "Ban Refresh Loop", the panel should no longer have issues with hanging on the starting screen for longer than 5 minutes.
Banning/Editing bans/Removing bans should no longer cause an infinite hang, this issue should be eleminated by the above, but incase it does happen. it will only wait 15 seconds.
However it can take up to 2 to 5 minutes for the changes to actually show, if it still isnt showing after that. Please head to the support channel in our discord. https://discord.gg/p69SGfwxxm

These changes should hopefully stop the panel from taking up all available ram, causing the major speed issues overtime.
There are still some remaining speed issues, these will be addressed later.

CedMod-CommunityManagementPanel 4.7.1

The panel will now throw an error if the bot can't find the discord server that the instance is linked to.

Removed the sitewide Teamkill popup, this popup now only appears on the remote commands page.

CedMod-CommunityManagementPanel 4.7.0

Warn support

The CommunityManagement panel now supports warn tracking.
Warn tracking works in the following way as of now:
Warns in CedMod act as a admin note, moderators can use this to add notes to players, Eg: has already been warned for rule X.
This can be useful for communication and ensuring the rulebreaker wont endlessly be verbally warned by moderators that didnt know they got warned before, but banned instead.

Warns can be issues by going to PlayerManagement, Finding the players profile and pressing "Add Warn".
If the AllowOwnBanEdit setting is enabled, moderators can edit their warn reasons.
Admins or higher can always remove/edit warns.

Warns can also be issued ingame, the QuerySystem and SCP:SL 11.0 are required for this.
Select the player in remote admin, and press "External lookup" or "Open External panel".
Warns can be viewed and issued trough here aswell.

Update for SCP:SL 11.0

This update brings some major changes

Server logs:
Server logs are automatically enabled, they can be viewed in the panel. all connected servers will send logs

Automated reserved slots, with custom kick message:
If you provide reserved slots for donators, this process can now be automated.
How does it work?
This feature is always enabled.
Much like rolesync, this is based on discord roles. however, unlike rolesync. users are only required to have an account on the panel. no further actions are required.
The syncs are refreshed every round restart.
A custom kick message can also be set, to for example. advertise your patreon.

Ban reason sync:
This feature can be enabled in the config for the QuerySystem by setting enable_banreason_sync to true
The plugin will sync the prefefined ban reasons from the panel to the Remote Admin menu ingame, this is refreshed every round restart.

External Lookup:
The 11.0 update provides a Remote Admin function known as External Lookup
This function can be enabled in the config for the QuerySystem by setting enable_banreason_sync to true
This function will add a button into the Remote Admin menu called Open External Panel, or External Lookup in player spec info.
When this button is pressed the steam overlay will open (or your default web browser if the steam overlay is disabled, or if you are using discord to play the game)
Then you will automatically be logged into your panel for one session.
If you have a player selected the Profile page of the selected player will be shown, here you can view their prior bans, reports etc.
If you do not have a player selected it will open the PlayerManagement Page.

Misc changes:
Added a command to view who made bullet holes in the room you are standing in
"nearbybulletholes" - aliasses ["bulletholes", "nearbyholes"]
This command will show who made bullet holes in your current room, it will also show how much they made, and if they are still connected.

(Finally) Fixed the dclass vs dclass config for the FF autoban

Added a command to change the color of all lights
"lightcolor" - The arguments are: "R G B" ranging from 0 to 1, decimal values are allowed.
Using values higher than 1 may result in a violation of VSR rule 8.3.1. Do this at your own risk.

Improved the ban patch - it should detect all bans the game issues, no more ghost bans!

Moved all RA commands to the new command system.
All CedMod and its subplugin commands will now show up in autocomplete.

CustomServerFullMessage config
If set, the server will serve a custom message when the server is full and the user does not have a reserved slot
This can be used together with automatic reserved slots, covered above.

Server status message on discord.
You will be able to set a channel in the panel config.
If set, the CedMod Discord bot will post a message in that channel
And update it every 20 seconds with the playercount of all connected servers

You can now add custom text in the FF autoban message sent to the victim
trough the autoban_extra_message config
You could mention that reverse teamkill is not allowed here